Wool Bedding makes you sleep better!
It has been scientifically proven that sleeping on wool, or under wool gives you 25% more stage 4 regenerative sleep. Try just one of our wool bedding products to see for yourself, or really pamper yourself with the full wool bedding set (wool mattress cover, wool duvet and wool pillows)!
 Goods produced from wool are natural and ecological and the following features make them unique:
  • They preserve natural body temperature, not allowing it to overheat
  • They make natural skin evaporation easier
  • They improve circulation and trophy of the organism
  • They eliminate the negative influence of watercourses
  • They eliminate the positive ions, which are harmful to men
  • They contain natural animal fat - lanolin – which prevents the development of bacteria and mites
  • Lanolin protects fibers from getting dirty, thanks to which woolen products are easy to clean. They can be laundered in 30°C in liquids for wool including lanolin.
In search for effective methods that guarantee health and well-being, more often than not we tend to forget about sleep - our natural medicine. This seemingly mundane activity has a multi-faceted and beneficial impact on our organism and its functions. Deep, uninterrupted sleep regenerates our body, stabilising blood pressure and supporting our immunology. Moreover, it helps us concentrate better, soothes our nervous system and is a best cosmetic.This is why it is worth making sure that we sleep in appropriate conditions, in bedclothes that breathe, absorb and release moisture, being hypoallergenic at the same time.Wool bedding has got all of these properties. Below, please find the description of its most important features. 1. Wool breathesOne of the most important, beneficial for our health, characteristics of wool bedding is its ability to breathe.“Breathing” means the unique ability of wool to absorb moisture produced by our body and to release it outside almost immediately. This is why wool regulates temperature and humidity of bedding, providing us with most comfortable sleeping conditions.Wool bedding, thanks to its special finishing and the curly structure of its fibres, absorbs a lot of air, which makes it a great insulation layer in comparison to other materials. What is the effect of this insulation on our health? It protects us from negative effects of sudden temperature changes in our surroundings. Even if temperature suddenly drops or raises in the night, wool bedding keeps the same, optimum temperature. This is why we can have a good night's sleep, not being exposed to a risk of throwing the blanket away when sleeping, which can result in catching a cold. Therefore wool bedding is recommended both for winter and summer.2. Wool absorbs moisture The complex structure of wool fibres (distinguishing it from other synthetic materials) makes wool bedding absorb more moisture. Thanks to this property, the microclimate in wool bedding is optimum, guaranteeing us the comfort of healthy and relaxed sleep.One of factors interrupting our sleep is the discomfort resulting from overheating the organism and sweating, experienced by persons sleeping in traditional bedclothes*. The advantage of wool bedding is that it absorbs moisture produced by our body when we sleep and releases it outside almost immediately. Study shows that in respect to its weight, wool is capable of absorbing up to 35% of moisture. It is by 27% more effective than synthetics in absorbing and releasing moisture from bedding.This is why persons sleeping in wool bedding sleep comfortably all night. They do not feel the humidity discomfort and are not at risk of catching a cold as a result of removing blankets and exposing the body to temperature difference.Let us stress that even if a person sleeping in wool bedding sweats at night, wool will rapidly accumulate excessive moisture and release it outside, guaranteeing a pleasant feeling of dryness, comfort and refreshing sleep.* Traditional bedclothes are made of down or synthetic fillers. 3. Wool is hypoallergenicBacteria and mites accumulating in synthetics lead to the occurrence and worsening of respiratory allergies. This is especially true in case of traditional bedding that keeps moisture and temperature high, which makes harmful microbes multiply.In order to eliminate this problem it is enough to change your bedding to wool. Its optimum microclimate, ability to absorb and release moisture and to regulate temperature make the development of bacteria virtually impossible.Another hypoallergenic feature of wool bedding is its ability to repel dirt and dust. It is possible owing to the fact that wool is neutral and does not pick up static electricity, and therefore does not attract dirt or dust. Moreover, every wool fibre is covered with a thin protective layer that repels dirt. The situation in case of traditional bedding is reverse: its fibres are usually charged with positive static electricity and their structure attracts bacteria, dirt and mites.Therefore, wool bedding is recommended to persons with allergies.Owing to its numerous properties improving physical and mental well-being, wool bedding obviously has an impact on a beneficial change of quality of life. Therefore, when searching for efficient health-guaranteeing methods, it is worthwhile trying this perfect product.Wonderful properties of wool (breathing and isolating from unpleasant temperature ranges) make us always sleep in exceptionally comfortable conditions. The microclimate of wool bedding, absorption and release of moisture and keeping the optimum temperature guarantee an uninterrupted sleep that has a beneficial impact on our rest and health.Lack of electrostatic tendencies makes wool bedding extremely hygienic, and thus easy to keep clean. Owing to its ability to repel dust we can sleep in comfortable conditions, always feeling fresh and clean.In persons sleeping in wool bedding heart rate is stabilised. Children sleep well the whole night and cry less. As a result, during the day they do not feel tired or irritated, which quite often stems from interrupted sleep.

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